What Is An Herbalist?

An herbalist is someone who uses plants for healing. These practitioners are not medical doctors, though some practitioners are also referred to as medical herbalists. People have used herbs for thousands of years, relying on powdered supplements, teas, tinctures, and skin creams to help treat everything from skin rashes to mild depression. Herbal supplements, also known as botanicals, are made from the leaves, flowers, roots, and bark of plants.


What Is A Life Coach?

Life coaching can range from relationship and health coaching to life skills and career coaching. A rapidly increasing number of people credit their new-found motivation and productivity to life coaching. Clients look for guidance in confidence, career change, self-worth and esteem, life-work balance, relationships, finding your purpose, health, emotional intelligence and much more.

Life coaching has become so popular that it is offered as a subject by many universities throughout the globe, including postgraduate and masters level courses.


What Is An Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapists take a brief medical history of a client before therapy, asking about any existing medical conditions and environmental factors affecting the patient's health. The practitioner then consults with the client about possible drug interactions, and the dosage, purity, and application methods for the necessary therapeutic oils. The practitioner then applies the oil on the client, either through sprays, salt baths, massage oils, or inhalation techniques (either directly from the bottle or with the use of a diffuser).